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VA health dept., George Mason University working on contact tracing after Gov. Northam tests positive for COVID-19

The race for a coronavirus vaccineDr. Nicole Saphier, author of 'Make America Healthy Again;' Dr. Dyan Hes, pediatrician; and Dr. Kathleen Berchelm [...]

'There's been a failure!' Tory MP squirms as Sky News host lets loose on university chaos

Robert Halfon was repeatedly pressed on the "failure" from Downing Street to protect thousands of university students throughout the UK forced into [...]

Dianne Feinstein’s husband named in audit of 'unfair' University of California admissions

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband has been named in connection with a University of California admissions audit that found wealthy and connected kids [...]

Monkeys have holes drilled in their skulls at Belgian university

Horrific photos of lab monkeys with holes drilled in their skulls and rods CEMENTED to their heads by Belgian university scientists in [...]

Oklahoma State University bull rider Rowdy Swanson, 20, dies after he's bucked off at a Texas rodeo 

Oklahoma State University bull rider, 20, dies after he's 'bucked off and trampled' at a Texas rodeoAccording to social media users Ro [...]

Oklahoma State University bull rider dies after injury during Texas rodeo

A college student at Oklahoma State University died Thursday after he was thrown from a bull during a rodeo competition in Texas, according to offi [...]

Princeton University is under investigation by the Department of Education

The US Department of Education launched an investigation into Princeton University after its president's acknowledged that racism remained 'embedde [...]

University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate resigns from teaching job after lying about being black 

A University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate student has resigned from their teaching role after admitting they have been lying about being black.  C [...]

San Francisco State University defends hosting talk by militant Leila Khaled

The president of San Francisco State University has defended her decision to allow a talk to go ahead featuring Palestinian militant, Leila Khaled, [...]

Boston University lecturer was moving bed frame and mattress when elevator crushed her to death 

A Boston University lecturer had just moved into her apartment and was moving a bed frame and mattress when the building's elevator crushed her to [...]
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