A former NYPD detective says a woman punched him in the face in Nashville over the weekend because his hat looked like a MAGA cap.

Staten Island resident Daniel Sprague wrote on Facebook that he was celebrating his 50th birthday with friends and family at The Stage on Broadway on Friday when he was assaulted by a woman he didn’t know.

“A misguided soul possibly not alone, who I’m assuming was not very literate, spun me around, punch (sic) me in the face and grabbing (sic) my hat while she was yelling ‘how dare you’ leading me to think she thought it was a MAGA hat,” Sprauge wrote on Facebook.

In reality, his cap was emblazoned with the words “Make Fifty Great Again” — although his shirt was decorated with an American flag that read “Making America Great Since 1970.”

The bar’s bouncers booted them both before from the bar he had a chance to call cops, but he filed a report the following day, he said.

“Suspect grabbed his hat from his head and punched him in the face,” according to the report filed with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

“He stated that when the suspect hit him in the face, he did not hit her back,” the report states.

Sprague wrote on Facebook that he was waiting to hear back from detectives.

He also instructed readers not to react to negative comments on the Facebook post, because it might be one of his friends “breaking my chops because we have a great relationship and sense of humor.”

“If it happens to be a fool or misguided snow flake’s comment, by arguing with them it will only encourage them to believe they know what they are talking about,” he wrote, promising to post updates on his case.


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